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Attire & Cell/Smart Phone Policy

Cell/Smart Phone Policy

Speaking on cell phones at the Silvermine Golf Club is limited to the parking lots and areas around (but not in) the Clubhouse and Pro Shop. Smart phones and tablets are allowed in the clubhouse and patio in TEXT OR SILENT MODE ONLY. As a courtesy to your fellow members, please refrain from speaking on cell phones while on the golf course.

Clubhouse and Course Attire

Proper attire is required in the Clubhouse, Pro Shop, and Golf Course. All men must wear shirts with collars. Mock turtlenecks are also permitted. No halter tops are to be worn by women. No tee/under shirts, short/shorts, cut off jeans, or jeans of any type, color or untidy dress is permitted. Golf shoes with soft spikes must be worn. No metal spiked shoes, sandals, or jogging shoes will be allowed. Ladies denim suits and skirts will be permitted. Men are not allowed to wear hats/visors while seated inside the clubhouse.

The professional staff will ask members and their guests who DO NOT comply with these standards to make the necessary changes before being allowed to play golf, or use of the dining room. Members are responsible for their guests adherence to the dress code.